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York woman facing charges after allegedly striking officer, spitting in face

YORK COUNTY, Pa.– A York woman is facing charges after allegedly striking an officer with a closed fist, resisting arrest and spitting in the officer’s face.

Lazaiah Lewis, 18, is facing aggravated assault and disorderly conduct among other related charges.

On April 10 at midnight, police were advised of an active domestic incident in the first block of N. Highland Ave.

Upon arrival, police were directed to the rear of the home where they could hear a man and woman arguing loudly.

The woman, later identified as Lewis, was standing in the kitchen with her boyfriend.

Police found an obvious smell of an alcoholic beverage emanating from Lewis’s breath, and she was swaying and had glassy eyes.

Lewis continued to argue with her boyfriend in front of police, who asked them to separate.

At that time, Lewis proceeded to take several steps forward toward her boyfriend before swinging at him with a closed fist.

Then, an officer attempted to separate the two before being struck by a closed fist from Lewis.

The officer took Lewis to the ground where a struggle ensued, with Lewis resisting arrest and yelling profanities at the officer.

While being taken to the patrol vehicle, Lewis spit in the officer’s face, and proceeded to continue to yell obscenities on the way to Central Booking.

Lewis allegedly threatened the officer’s life, and refused to identify herself.

Now, she is facing charges.