Two of three individuals who robbed Trop Gun Shop in ’16 sentenced

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From left to right: Parrise Valentine, Lena Griffith, Shawn Prim

PHILADELPHIA — Two of the three individuals involved in the 2016 burglary and theft of nine handguns at Trop Gun Shop in Mount Joy Township, Lancaster County were sentenced in federal court this week.

Shawn Prim faces 15 1/2 to 18 1/2 years in federal prison for the crime while the driver of the getaway vehicle, Lena Griffith, was sentenced to three to six years in federal prison, according to the Northwest Regional Police Department.

The third person, Parrise Valentine, is scheduled for sentencing within the next few weeks.

Prim, Griffith and Valentine — all from Maryland — were charged and indicted under federal jurisdiction due to the thefts of firearms from a federal firearm licensed dealer, police say. They pleaded guilty in federal court.

Three of the nine stolen firearms have been recovered, police add.