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York man facing charges after allegedly choking dog, injuring it

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YORK COUNTY, Pa.– A York man is facing charges after allegedly choking a dog and causing it injury.

Joseph Sullivan, 33, is facing animal cruelty for the incident.

On April 12 around 12:30 p.m., responded to the 400 block of E. Broadway in Red Lion Borough to Patton Veterinary Hospital for a report of animal cruelty.

Disptach advised police that employees from the veterinary hospital related that Sullivan was causing a disturbance a woman dog owner was present and allegedly terrified by the man.

Upon arrival, police found the victim at the veterinary office. Police spoke with a doctor who said he had treated the 12-week-old puppy named Peppa, who only weighed 5 lbs.

The doctor said that the dog was found to be trembling and anxious upon observation, and that he had a pink coloring around its neck that was visible beneath its white fur.

The dog’s eyes also had significant “petechial hemorrhage,” which the doctor described as bleeding that occurs when blood leaks from the capillaries in the eyes.

In this case, the doctor said that hemorrhage was caused by pressure on the neck and airway, and the dog had bruising underneath its eyes as well.

According to the vet, the injury did put the dog at risk of death.

The female owner of the dog told police that Sullivan had tried calling and texting approximately 12 times while she was at the gym, saying that something was wrong with Peppa.

Upon arrival at home, the woman said that Peppa was not acting normal, but more silent and nervous.

She took the dog to the vet because she was “afraid Sullivan did something to the dog,” according to the criminal complaint.

Sullivan told police that the dog had probably obtained injuries from playing with a toy, but after being further interviewed by police, Sullivan admitted to yanking on the dog’s collar, which caused the dog to hit its head on a bed post.

Sullivan said that the dog was chewing on a cord when he yanked on its collar.

Now, he is facing charges.

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