Gun advocates rally at Harrisburg state capitol

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HARRISBURG, Pa. --  The right to bear arms and looking to be heard -- that was the hot topic at the `Americans for America Rally` at the state capitol on Saturday.

"We are here not just for our guns but to protect the rights of the constitution, the rights of the people, the fabric of this country," said Rodger Mitchell, rally attendee.

Navy veteran, Rodger Mitchell was one of many gun advocates rallying with concerns.

"We live in a society that we have these constitutional rights for a reason, to protect ourselves, we have the freedom of speech, but as soon as you take one of those away, the rest will fall like dominos," Said Mitchell.

For Laura Muniz having a gun gives her a sense of security.

"'It`s nice to know that I`m protected should something happen, you know its like saying why do you have a fire extinguisher in your house, just call the fire department, you have it there to protect yourself before the fire department can get there, it`s the same thing with a gun, protect myself before the police can get there," said Laura Muniz, rally attendee.

But the proposed gun violence legislation could change a few things for people like Muniz.

That's why event organizer, Bobby Lawrence hopes having rallies like this will open the eyes of those who think all pro-gun supporters are against them.

"The things that they are proposing we feel do not make sense, the push behind it is protect our students, protect our schools, no one in this crowd wants to un-protect our schools, no one in this crowd wants unsafe schools, we do want personal freedom and individual liberty protected," said  Bobby Lawrence, event organizer.

"If you don`t have the freedom to protect yourself, you`re going to lose everything," said Muniz.

"This is our building they built this building and they pay their paychecks with public money that they take from us and we want to be heard," added Lawrence.

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