Mass casualty drill prepares teachers & students for bus crash scenario in Cumberland County

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EAST PENNSBORO TOWNSHIP, Cumberland County, Pa.-- Teachers, students and staff in the East Pennsboro School District practiced handling a "mass casualty incident" on Saturday.

The district simulated a bus crash as a way for staff to practice their response and preparedness. District officials say student safety is their number one priority and used the exercise as a way to plan for the worst.

Students and a number of emergency response agencies were on hand to help guide the staff through the exercise. Parents of the student volunteers say it's reassuring that the school district is being proactive in this type of training.

"Unless you get out there and try it, you never know what's going to happen and I'd like to know they are prepared should my son be in an accident and that they know what to do," said Erika Landis, whose son volunteered in the drill.

District officials say they plan to continue with other training scenarios later this month, including an active shooter drill.

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