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Capitol Kickline welcomes dancers from across the state to Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, Pa.-- National Dance Week will mark a major milestone this week and here in Central PA, dancers from across our area turned out to "kick-start" the celebration.

The annual Capitol Kickline took place this afternoon in Harrisburg.  It's the 20th year for the event and the week-long celebration. Typically, it is held at the capitol steps, but rainy weather on Sunday caused the event to be moved to Harrisburg's Hilton Hotel. 275-dancers turned out to celebrate their love of dance and say it's a great opportunity for them to experience other styles.

"It's definitely a whole other lesson in class in and of itself. Watching girls that have different training than I do, you definitely pick up and learn a lot new things today," said Lauren Koranda, a dancer with Studio 91.

National Dance Week runs April 20th through the 28th.