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State GOP files Right to Know request to determine if there was collusion in redistricting decision

HARRISBURG — The state Republican Party has filed Right to Know request with the offices Governor Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania Courts to determine if there was any collusion between the Wolf administration, Democratic Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices, their privately retained experts, and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, the party announced Monday.

The action was prompted by the recent report that the National Democratic Redistricting Committee PAC donated $250,000 to Wolf’s reelection campaign days after federal courts refused to issue stay requests in ongoing redistricting litigation, the state Republican Party says.

The Pennsylvania Republican Party issued the following statement:

 “In a flagrant disregard for the rule of law, Democrat Justices on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court plunged the Commonwealth into a constitutional crisis by ignoring the separation of powers, constitutionally-delegated authority, and even their own order by issuing a judicially-mandered Congressional map that does nothing but allow Democrats to have an unfair advantage in the coming mid-term election.

“The Court developed their map without any transparency, leaving more questions than answers. So we are using the proper, legally prescribed channels to find out what public documents might exist to determine what level of collusion—if any—existed between the Justices, the Wolf administration, their privately retained experts, and/or the National Democratic Redistricting Committee that led to the unconstitutional development and implementation of this map.”