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Man arrested after pretending to be juvenile, extorting victim of money after sex

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.– A man has been arrested after pretending to be a juvenile after sex and extorting money from the victim.

Shaquan Franklin, 20, was arraigned on charges.

In October 2017, a man answered an ad on Craigslist personals with the intention of meeting another adult for a mutual sexual encounter.

The two parties agreed, and after the encounter was finished, Franklin allegedly requested money from the victim while claiming that he was a juvenile.

Franklin allegedly threatened the victim that if he didn’t give him the cash that he would call police.

The victim believed Franklin, and paid the money to prevent prosecution.

However, the extortion of money lasted for several weeks and including other items such as a car rental.

Finally, the victim came to police and reported the incident himself.

After an investigation, police were able to identify Franklin as the suspect, and he was arrested near Harrisburg on April 13, 2018.