York city school is at the forefront of school safety

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YORK, Pa. -- School resource officers at William Penn Senior High School in York are going beyond their duty to protect students.

"Not just from a standpoint where maybe we are arresting or citing a student, but building professional relationships to where students will come to us with issues we can help them resolve," said Bryan Einsig, school resource officer.

Bryan Einsig has been a school resource officer for nearly 9 years.

He is one of about a dozen in charge of patrolling the school halls, monitoring metal detectors and making sure the school day goes smoothly.

"It allows then for quick response for emergencies that occur inside the building, or in the community, the emergencies that affect the building just based on where the school is located," added Einsig.

The school has 160 security cameras across the campus, with someone always watching in real time.

"It is a deterrent for people to want to go to your school and do harm," said Brandon Carter, principal.

With recent school shootings making headlines, William Penn principal, Brandon Carter has no doubt his school is on the right path.

"It is something that you would rather do on the side of caution versus being sorry a little bit later and wishing that you would have done something proactively," said Carter. "We are thinking of safety first, so that way they can focus on what they are supposed to, which is their education," he added.

That's why for officer Einsig, it`s an honor to do what he does every day.

"Being able to help someone and watch someone from the time they are little in pre-K to the time they graduate and to see them mature and become adults and to say hey, you know what at least I was there to help them, to see them succeed, that is what it`s all about at the end of the day, I wouldn`t want to do anything else," added Einsig.

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