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FOX43 Finds Out: Joining a class action lawsuit

YORK COUNTY, Pa — Some Walmart customers may qualify to receive a gift card worth $100.

It is part of a class action settlement.

Shoppers who used a coupon when buying a taxable item at a Pennsylvania Walmart from June 8th, 2007 through April 15th, 2015 can get the gift card.

The deadline for filing claims is November 22nd.

You can file a claim here. 


How long do you keep a receipt?

We asked that question to some shoppers at the Walmart in Springettsbury Township, York County.

“I throw mine out right away, as soon as I get home. They get stuffed in my pocket and that’s it,” said Stephen Dintaman of Dallastown.

Linda Shaull, Windsor “Probably a week or two.”

One man in Western Pennsylvania checked his Walmart receipt very closely a few years ago.

Brian Farmuth claims he was charged extra for sales tax, 21 cents extra, when he bought shaving cream with a buy one get one coupon.

Farmuth says he should have only been taxed the price after the coupon, not before.

That was years ago.

Now there’s a class action filed against Walmart on his behalf and he’s requesting a jury trial.

Some Walmart shoppers in York County say they probably would never notice a sales tax discrepancy.

Paula Nikolas of Columbia said, “Sometimes I’ll check when the scanning is questionable, you know if I heard an extra beep or something like that, but not the coupon section.”

Stephen Dintaman of Dallastown said, “I’d totally miss it. Especially when you buy a bunch of stuff from here, it’s just not something you really pay attention to.”

Walmart told us the company did nothing wrong, sending us this statement: “Our sales tax collection system in Pennsylvania has always been compliant with the law. This has been confirmed numerous times over the years by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. We will continue defending the company against this litigation.”

The company is printing the notice on certain receipts.

Some shoppers though, say they don’t care.

“I just don’t really worry about it and I just come here and shop because I like the cheaper prices,” said  Linda Shaull from Windsor.

According to the lawsuit, anyone who purchased an item at a Pennsylvania Walmart with a buy one get one coupon after June 8th, 2007 is eligible to be a class member.

A lawyer told us, there’s no specific way to determine who would be getting money in this case or how they would prove people bought something more than 11 years ago with a coupon if Walmart were to lose the case.

However, if you want to specifically be excluded from the class action suit, you have until May 15th to do so.

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