Man accused of attacking driver with medieval mace in Schuylkill County

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pa. (WNEP) — People in Tamaqua are still talking about an unusual attack that happened in that Schuylkill County community last week.

Police told WNEP a man recently attacked another man with a type of medieval weapon.

Jacob Gaburick is behind bars after police say he attacked a driver with mace.

Tamaqua police say Gaburick used the metal mace that was taken into evidence. It’s the size of a golf ball but packed a punch.

The victim suffered injuries to his wrist and leg.

This type of unusual violence worries Micah Brown Dennis who moved to Tamaqua from Allentown a month ago.

“I never heard of anything like that. It kind of seems like a comic book. Something like that is just unbelievable.”

Police say they responded to last week’s attack in a parking lot on Hunter and Spruce Streets in Tamaqua.

The victim said during an argument, Jacob Gaburick of Schuylkill Haven swung the spike, which was attached to a stick, at him, hitting him in the leg and wrist.

Police say Gaburick also broke the victim’s car radio and a taillight. They said Gaburick stole the victim’s cellphone and took off.

“I’ve never heard of anything in my whole life that they did to hurt such a person. I mean, you hear with guns and with knives and things like that because of the dope and everything like that, but this is unusual,” said Joe McDonald.

After giving police a wrong name, police were able to take Gaburick into custody.

Dennis says he will be watching his back.

“When I am walking around late or something, I will stay aware of my surroundings, but still that’s something you would not expect to be afraid of like getting attacked by a medieval mace.”

Jacob Gaburick is behind bars at Schuylkill County Prison on $20,000 bail.