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Sunoco employee finds ATM skimmer device

Paying with a credit or debit card is pretty common.

"It`s so convenient!" said Abiel Kauffman, a Lancaster resident.

It`s also convenient for people trying to steal your identity.

That`s what police say someone attempted to do at the Sunoco on Harrisburg Pike in Manheim Township.

"The female was with the machine for a couple minutes, then walked away. And when the clerk went over to the machine, she saw that the front of it had been tampered with and then found a skimming device actually on the ATM," said Sgt. Michael Piacentino with the Manheim Township Police Department.

The clerk who found the device told police she noticed the woman was acting strange.

"Kudos to the clerk, who was being very observant and was watching what was going on so nothing was compromised," said Sgt. Piacentino.

Sgt. Piacentino says it is easy to detect a skimmer if you look closely. And if you want to take it one step further, he says you can actually pull on the ATM card insert piece to see if anything is loose. If it is, he says that is a red flag.

And after hearing about this incident, people we spoke to in Lancaster County say they will be more diligent going forward.

"I have done it before, I just don`t do it on a regular basis," said Karyn Miller, a Lancaster resident.

"I didn`t used to, but in the last month or so, it seems to have become more of an issue," said Kauffman.

"Now I will do that, I will. Because I didn`t even know that existed," said Peggy Walls, a Lancaster resident.

If you find an ATM skimmer, police say to contact them right away.