York County students launch rockets in preparation for national competition

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SPRING GROVE, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Blast off! Some York County students prepare to compete in a national rocketry competition next month.

They’re some of the best student rocket builders in the country, and they hope their creations will land them a cash prize.

Some self-proclaimed 'rocket scientists' in York County design, build, and ultimately blast their creations into the sky.

“The first few times, it kind of made me jump. Now, it’s just awesome to watch it," said Dylan Tichy, a 7th grader at Spring Grove Middle School.

These Spring Grove Middle School students are first time competitors in the American Rocketry Challenge

“A little bit nervous, a little bit excited, just to see our rocket take on the other 100 teams in America," said Nathan Abrhaims, a 7th grader at Spring Grove Middle School.

They’ll be tasked with shooting each rocket nearly 800 feet into the air and having it land back on the ground in under 43 seconds.

Both the rocket and the two eggs insides can’t break either.

They say it involves a lot of teamwork and problem solving.

"Actually from the whole design to the construction to the rocket, they’re doing themselves," said Brian Hastings, their adviser.

They’re constantly rebuilding the rockets in hopes of a better launch.

“At times they ask me, ‘should I do this or this’, and I say, ‘I can’t tell you,'" said Hastings.

While they are leaning, and having a fun time doing it, they do have their eyes on a cash prize.

“I’d probably lose my mind, and probably just run around in circles and scream and yell," said Tichy.

“Put it towards college for sure," said Carson Buffalow.

Even if they don’t win, these kids are still taking something away from the organization.

“I kind of figured out I want to be an aerospace engineer," said Tichy.

"You probably think I’m a nerd, but I mean, I enjoy it, it’s fun, and maybe I can get some money out of it," added Buffalow.

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