CENTER STAGE: Presley, Cash, Lewis and Perkins in the true story of a jam session like no other

LANCASTER, Pa. - On one December evening in 1956, by sheer happenstance, Sam Phillips gathered four of the greatest music icons in history for a jam session like none other in history.

The Memphis, Tennessee, meeting took place at  Sun Records between four music legends before they cemented their status. The true story of the gathering of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins linked together with tales of broken promises, secrets, betrayal and celebration bring back some of the greatest hits of all time at the Fulton Theatre in Lancaster.

"These sort of four young innocent architects of American music didn't even understand or appreciate the experience of what was happening. How could they?" John Berry, the actor portraying Carl Perkins said.

"I'm in the room with all these guys that are already stars. I'm just a studio pianist. To see someone before their stardom is a really cool thing, I think," Brandyn Day as Jerry Lee Lewis, said.

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