Severe bleeding reported in Maryland from synthetic marijuana

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Synthetic marijuana is flooding the streets of major U.S. cities this summer, causing a surge in overdoses and, according to some police officials, a rise in violent crime. Sold in slickly marketed packets with names like K2, Scooby Snax and Spice, the drugs are made up of a variety of chemicals and have little to do with marijuana.

BALTIMORE– Health officials in Maryland have reported two more cases of severe bleeding problems in people who used synthetic marijuana.

That brings the State’s total to three patients so far.

It’s known as K2 or spice and can be sold as liquids for use in E-cigarettes.

It has caused bleeding in more than 100 others in at least four other states. And likely contaminated with rat poison which has recently killed three people in Illinois.

“Now, these substances are not actually marijuana at all they are synthetic drugs that are made in a lab somewhere their chemicals then are sprayed on to dry plants so it’s basically playing Russian roulette you have no idea what it is that you are taking but you know that it can possibly kill you, ” says Dr. Wen,

Dr. Wen also says synthetic marijuana is illegal in Baltimore City and to call 311 if you see any stores selling it.

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