Bittersweet goodbye to The Bon-Ton

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It’s tough to turn down a good deal…

“I found a nice blouse, jeans, jewelry, shoes…shoes are the best right now,” said Amy Thomas, a Bon-Ton shopper.

Customers are walking away with more than just extra change in their pockets, they’re also carrying a lifetime of memories.

“All our lives. All our lives! We lived here!” said Lori Whitebread and Linda Sprenkle, both of York.

The Bon-Ton has brought life and happiness to York County for more than 160 years.

Now it’s going out of business and looking to get rid of all of it’s inventory before closing it’s doors for good in August.

“I guess the times are coming like this. The younger generation are all ordering their things online, and it’s tough for the box stores to stay open," said Joan Luce, a Bon-Ton customer.

The first Bon-Ton store opened on Market Street in York, and the company expanded to 267 locations.

Shoppers we spoke with say, though, that to them, Bon-Ton is more than just a department store.

And even though the store is shutting down, they will carry the memories forever.

“I lived across the road. We would walk here, we would shop here. We would go to race-a-rama and the bakery. Oh my gosh, yes! The lobby, the race store. I would go in here when it was Mailman’s, before The Bon-Ton," Whitebread and Sprenkle said together.

“Black Friday was always such a great tradition with my family and I. Getting out here in the morning, four or five o’clock. Sad to see it closing it’s doors,” said Luce.

The liquidation sales will run for the next 10-12 weeks.

Gift cards, store credit, and any returns need to be used or completed within ten days.

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