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Millersville University students voice opinions on gun reform

MILLERSVILLE, LANCASTER COUNTY, P.A. --- Students at Millersville University joined thousands of others across the country for the "National School Walk-Out Day," wanting to have their voices heard in regards to the gun violence debate

“I want to stand with all the people who’ve been affected by gun violence and I want common sense laws to be implemented across the country,” said sophomore Morgan Reichenbach.

Some students, such as junior John Jones, said they believe the best way to prevent gun violence and make schools safer is to increase restrictions on firearm purchases.

“We’re all being a part of a community and try to see the world be changed for good, for better. Not for seeing people die,” said Jones.

A group of students also gathered across the street from the university, but with a different perspective.

“Even if the group of us here is small, we also have our voices,” said freshman Grace Hennessey.

She said they believe the weapon doesn’t deserve the blame in the debate, adding they feel the political environment hurts their ability to voice their opinions.

“Nobody is for killing- but they kind of want to put it off as, ‘oh, because you like guns you think people should die.’ No. We think guns are needed to protect people from these deaths. I think we have to really stop misrepresenting peoples’ opinions,” said Hennessey.

Topics students on both sides want addressed include the age of people allowed to purchase firearms, expanding background checks, increasing mental health services and limiting access to, what they call, “weapons of war.”