Cheerleaders with disabilities heading to Worlds

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. --Cheer Tyme's 'Cheer Inspiration' team is made up of 20 athletes with disabilities, but that doesn't stop them from doing the sport they love.

“This teams goes above and beyond what the team requirements are and they try to better themselves," said Kim Braasch, owner of Cheer Tyme.

Out of 26 submissions, Inspiration was just one of five teams to receive an invitation to the 2018 Cheerleading Worlds, competing for the Cheerabilities title.

What better way to celebrate the organization's 20th anniversary, than to have a chance to bring home a world title.

“I love this… this is a dream come true that we’re going to worlds," said Katie Sheppard, Cheer Tyme Inspiration Cheerleader.

A dream come true, and what better place than the happiest place on earth.

“Just to be there is amazing and an experience so I’m ready to take it on," said Kair Hummer, Cheer Tyme Inspiration Cheerleader.

A GoFundMe page was set up to help raise money for the athletes event passes.

Once that goal is reached, the rest of the money will go to travel expenses.

“I’m doing this for my mom (who is currently going through Chemotherapy), for our coaches of course, too. My mother is my hero. She inspired me to do this. I couldn’t have done this without my mother," said Katie Sheppard, Cheer Tyme Inspiration Cheerleader.

But, it's the personal satisfaction these coaches endure.

“It’s fun, it’s amazing, it’s hard to describe unless you’re actually doing it. Than you can feel what I feel and what all my coaching staff feels,” said Kim Braasch, owner of Cheer Tyme.

Not only will Inspiration be making the trip to Orlando, Cheer Tyme 'Obsession' will also compete for a world title.

Creating bounds and friendships that go beyond the gym.


“Olivia and I actually go to school together. I go and see her at lunch sometimes. I get to see her more than just outside of cheer," said Alexea Ramos, Cheer Tyme Inspiration Buddy.

“Cheerleading is my life. I like the jumps... stuns... tumble... dance," said Olivia Frese, Cheer Tyme Inspiration Cheerleader.

“Last year they couldn’t be by themselves and we always had to grab them and take them to their spots.. and now they can walk to their spots and tell you where they’re going.. it’s amazing," said Alexea Ramos, Cheer Tyme Inspiration Buddy.

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