‘Ask Evan’: “How much Pennsylvania SNAP money is spent out of state?”

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This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Jeff B who asks, "What percentage of SNAP money is spent out-of-state versus in-state?"

SNAP is the supplemental nutrition assistance program or what used to be refereed to the food stamp program.  SNAP helps millions of eligible low-income individuals and families purchase food. SNAP recipients actually get an electronic benefits transfer card, which works like a credit card at the grocery store check out.

As for the amount of snap money leaving the state, the percentage is actually quite low.  The press secretary for the PA State Department of Human Services says approximately two point seven percent of snap benefits are out-of-state.  That number is actually about a half of one percent if you exclude states that border Pennsylvania.

An example of an individuals using their snap benefits out-of-state is if they are on the border of Pennsylvania and it`s more convenient to grocery shop in another state.
Additionally, the department does see some usage of snap benefits out-of-state during summer months when individuals typically have time off to travel to see family members.

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