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Golf club controversy gains national attention, local officials respond

A controversy in York gets national attention.

“We’ve heard multiple stories about people getting the cops called on them for being black in public. But yesterday’s story might be the craziest,” said Trevor Noah on Tuesday night's episode of The Daily Show.

The story also made headlines on The Washington Post, New York Daily News, The Golf Channel, and The New York Times.

Even celebrities like John Legend tweeted out their thoughts on the matter.

All of this following an incident last Saturday...

Five African-American women claim they were racially profiled when they were told to leave Grandview Golf Club on Saturday, for a reason they say they still don’t know.

Cell phone video shows the club owner asking them to leave, and stating the police had been called.

The golf course owners say the women were breaking club rules by not maintaining pace of play.

York County Commissioners are saying the details surrounding what happened at Grandview Golf Club that day are still unclear, and not representative of York County as a whole.

“A diverse population doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a utopia or that there is racial harmony. But what I would want people to know about York is that this was an unfortunate incident, but to paint York with one broad brush stroke based on this one occurrence is unfair to people who call York home,” said Mark Walters, public information officer for the York County Commissioner's office.

In a statement, JJ and Jordan Chronister, owners of the club, state, "We are disappointed that this situation occurred and regret that our members were made to feel uncomfortable in any way… Our team is very sorry for any interaction that may have made any member feel uncomfortable."

And some club members say that apology should be enough.

“What they’ve done now, sending out an apology, looks like they’re trying to rectify whatever situation happened,” said Bill Henshaw of Dallastown.

Earlier this week, the women involved said JJ Chronister reached out to them for a meeting, but they are still deciding how they wish to move forward.