Grandview Golf Course controversy makes ‘The Daily Show’

The Grandview Golf Course controversy, where a group of black women say they were harassed and discriminated against when club management asked them to leave the property last weekend, has drawn national attention.

It’s even made “The Daily Show.”

The Comedy Central program, now hosted by Trevor Noah, touched on the controversy during its Tuesday night program.

“With the situation at Starbucks, we’ve heard multiple stories of people getting the cops called on them for being black in public,” Noah said during the introduction to the segment. “But (this) story, might be the craziest.”

The segment then recapped the story, including part of FOX43’s coverage. The five women, part of a group known as Sisters in the Fairways and members of the golf course, say they were given permission from the club pro to play as a group of five. But at the second hole, they say, they were approached by Steve Chronister, who helps his son Jordan run the golf club. Steve allegedly told the women they were holding up the pace, a violation of the club’s policy.

They were approached again after nine holes by club owner Jordan Chronister and several other people and were eventually asked to leave. The confrontation was captured on cell phone video, and police were called.

“This story is insane,” Noah says in the segment. “These dudes called the cops because they were playing golf too slow? Black people can’t win in America. If you advance on white people, you’re a threat. If you run away from them, you’re suspicious. Now they call the cops on you if you take your time? It’s golf! That’s what golf is for!”

Watch the entire segment below.