York gun violence has city leaders asking for information from the community

YORK, Pa. — Gun violence on the streets of York Tuesday resulted in three shooting victims in one day that left two of them hospitalized, another one dead.

The mayor and chief of police said the community needs to be a part of stopping the violence.

The York County coroner says the victim who died Tuesday, 18-year-old Nylik Moore, was shot in the back and leg.

The city is working with local, state, and federal law enforcement to stop the crime, but city leaders say they need more help.

Recent gunfire in York touches nearly everyone in the community, one way or another, with police manpower exhausted and neighbors fed up.

York City Police Chief Troy Bankert said “the 911 calls don’t stop just because someone got shot. So we still have to maintain that service and that service is hurt because there are less officers to go out and do it.”

York City mayor Michael Helfrich said “I’m still at that point where how can anybody be sheltering or hiding information when they know how much it harms the entire community. It’s not one death, it’s not one family suffering it’s everybody.”

The effect of gun violence spilling over to York Hospital which was put on lockdown.

“A lot of the folks that were up at the hospital during that fight were somehow connected to one or both victims, we’re not exactly sure,” Bankert said.

The two shootings on Tuesday have many, along with York City Police, focusing on the problem of gun violence in the city.

“We’re working with the district attorneys office, York County Probation, U.S. Attorneys office, the U.S. Marshal’s service, DEA, ATF, and all of our municipal partners,” Helfrich said.

"If you are out there and hearing this, and are continuing to think that this is a place that you can shoot up, and put innocent lives at risk, you are wrong and you have been warned,” Helfrich said.

Even with backup law enforcement, Bankert said they need more help.

“We encourage those who know information and give us information, so that we can get those who are shooting and those who may be part of a retaliatory effort to get them off of the street,” Bankert said.

“We need the participation of residents and we need that participation. We typically do not get it. We do understand why they don’t, because they’re scared for their own safety,” Bankert added.

One of the shootings happened Tuesday morning at Park Street and Park Place, while the other took place on East Maple Street between Queen and Duke streets.

Police weren’t the only ones who paid a visit to those neighborhoods.

“While out there I was talking with grandmothers, grandfathers, and brothers and sisters, and moms. Even former gang members, that were out there, and none of them want this violence,” Helfrich said.

As police ask for help, Chief Bankert said they have several ways for people to give anonymous information, and that not all tips require testifying in court.

“Please, just get us information so that we can reduce this chaos in our community,” Helfrich said.

Meanwhile, city leaders are looking at other ways to stop the violence.

“Over the next six months the residents of the City of York will also see great increases in the number of resources provided into our neighborhoods. These resources will help our young people hopefully get on a better track,” Helfrich said.