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UPDATE: Stolen puppy returned to Palmyra pet resort

UPDATE: The stolen puppy in Palmyra was safely returned this morning. The owner of the Dog Town Pet Resort says he is happy and doing just fine.

Previously reported:

What was a normal Thursday afternoon for Heidi Reinbold, owner of the Dog Town Pet Resort in Palmyra Borough, Lebanon County, suddenly took a turn.

“I had them in a playpen so they could just run around and play. And I went in the back room, I was cleaning the grooming tub. I heard the doorbell ring and the door open. So I grabbed a towel and started walking out, and I heard the doorbell ring again,” said Reinbold.

It was at that point she realized one of the five dachshund puppies she had for sale was missing.

“I quick ran out the door and there goes the car up the street. And there goes the puppy,” said Reinbold.

Police say the suspect was driving a dark grey SUV, and was last seen heading westbound down West Main Street.

They are now trying to sniff out who is responsible.

“I don’t know how it’s going to be cared for, I don’t know how good they’re going to take care of it because they just took it out of here. That tells me they’re not very responsible people,” said Reinbold.

The missing puppy was the only male in the litter.

He is described as a long haired black and tan brindle color.

Reinbold says his markings are very unique, and he is worth a lot of money.

And for that reason, she says the likelihood that the thief was targeting that specific puppy is not too far-fetched.

“I think it was someone that might have already been here. They knew exactly where they were at, which one they wanted. They just ran in, grabbed it, and ran out, and they were gone. They couldn’t have been in here more than five seconds,” said Reinbold.

Reinbold says if the puppy is returned unharmed, she will not press charges, and she urges everyone to be a watchdog.

“Because of it’s unusual coloring, you would never see that anywhere else. So that would really stand out.”

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Palmyra Borough Police Department.