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Three people facing murder charges after attempted robbery in Chester County

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Ricardo Rivera (left) Jonathan Malave (right)

CHESTER COUNTY, Pa.– Three people are facing murder charges after an attempted robbery went awry.

Anaye Raggazino, Ricardo Rivera, and Jonathan Malave are all facing murder, conspiracy, and robbery charges among other related offenses.

The trio has been remanded to Chester County prison.

According to a press release, the trio is responsible for the murder of 17-year-old David Doyle.

On September 24, 2017, Raggazino, who is described as a “drug addict”, was aware that a resident was selling drugs in the 700 block of Worth Boulevard in North Coventry Township.

Raggazino decided that it would be an “easy score” to rob the drug dealer of both drugs and money.

She recruited three men to conduct the robbery, including Rivera, Malave and an unknown third man in the plot.

On that day, Raggazino was to get inside the residence and make sure that the door was unlocked, allowing Rivera and the unknown man to come in and conduct the armed robbery. Malave reportedly served as the getaway driver.

Doyle was staying over at the residence that night, and was sleeping in the living room with three young children, ranging from ages 3-9.

When Raggazino got into the residence, she left the door unlocked, allowing Rivera the unknown man entrance while brandishing a gun and wearing masks.

Doyle allegedly jumped up to attempt to protect the children and got into a struggle with Rivera, who fired the gun twice.

One shot hit Doyle in the torso while the other went through the ceiling.

Raggazino, Rivera, and the unknown man fled, while Doyle was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Now the trio will face charges, and police are still hunting for the fourth suspect.

North Coventry Police Chief, Robert Schurr, said, “This case was another example of outstanding police work… After seven months of tireless work and determination by investigators, those responsible for the shooting death of 17-year-old David Doyle will stand trial for their evil and selfish actions.”

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