Welcoming warm weather with some precaution

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Spring has sprung, but it sure did take its time.

"Very late. Like already, we would have been selling our vegetables, our perennials. So the longer winter really did hinder our summer selling," said Luis Morales, owner of El Jardin Flower and Garden Room.

Businesses such as El Jardin Flower and Garden Room in Lancaster are welcoming the warmth with open arms, even if it means sweating out an extra busy season.

"We're doing what we normally would have done two weeks ago, had a break, and then Mother's Day, prom, and weddings," said Morales.

And while the dog days of summer might not be here quite yet, it sure does feel like it.

"Even at 70 degrees with the windows cracked and parked in the shade, the temperature in the car within 10 minutes can be nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit," said Dr. Colleen Carney with the Neffsville Veterinary Hospital.

And if you see a dog left in a hot car, Dr. Carney suggests searching for the owner, and if that doesn't work, she says, call police.

There are also some signs you can look out for.

"If your dog is becoming overheated, you're going to find them drooling excessively, panting very heavily, sometimes you'll notice their breathing efforts are very exaggerated, and of course you'll start to notice their gums are becoming really brick red," said Dr. Carney.

She says these symptoms can sometimes happen even if a dog is playing in the sun for too long, and if you notice it, find a way to cool your pet off right away.

From cooling off your pet, to cooling yourself off...

"I mean there's definitely people when it's warmer weather, but we've had a pretty steady season so far, so I'm excited for the summer," said Cassidy Berger, shift leader at Good Life Ice Cream and Treats.

Well, no one said it needs to be hot for ice cream, but it sure doesn't hurt.

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