Could and should a mini-casino come to Carlisle?

CARLISLE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- Tonight, questions - should and will a mini-casino come to a Cumberland County community?

Greenwood Gaming & Entertainment, the owner of Parx Casino, recently won a bid for one.

Tonight, representatives pitched having a mini-casino in Carlisle Borough

Some say a casino here would bring more traffic, crime, and gambling addiction to the area. Proponents though, says there’s no reason to believe that would happen, saying what it could bring is more money and jobs to the area.

A Cumberland County community is divided on having a mini-casino in their backyard.

“I think it’s addictive. I think it preys on the people least likely to afford it," said Pierce Bounds of Carlisle.

"I think it’s something good that would be great in this town, bring more people into town," said Mark Willow of Carlisle.

Parx Casino recently winning a bid for a category 4, mini-casino with up to 750 slot machines and 40 table games to be built within a 15 mile radius of South Newton Township.

“I don’t mind having a casino in town if it does bring revenue," said Terri Blumenthal of Carlisle.

Representatives eyes are set on Carlisle, and they say having one here could be mutually beneficial for the community.

“We’re going to create 350 construction jobs, $60 million in economic benefit during construction phrase, another 250 permanent jobs and $50 million of annual economic benefit," said Anthony Ricci, CEO of Parx Casino.

The promise of local jobs is what some say is most important.

“The people who build it, bring in local contractors, and vendors, stuff like that. Try to keep as much in the area as possible," said Willow.

Before one could be built though, the borough would first need to opt back into having one, and some community members still doubt its benefit,

“I don’t see any reason to bring another addictive problem to town," said Bounds.

Parx Casino representatives remain optimistic.

“I feel comfortable that we will succeed," said Ricci.

Council members say it could be mid summer before a vote takes place.

Parx Casino reps say they have their eyes on other locations within the 15 mile radius but are hopeful Carlisle opts back in.