FOX43 Finds Out: Waiting for answers two months after someone drove into a York County home

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YORK TOWNSHIP, Pa -- Jay and Rose Gouker say they have looked at the damage in their York Township, York County home everyday for more than two months.

"The main vent pipe on the other side of the wall used to be that far from the wall - now it's smashed into the wall," said Jay Gouker.

It`s all because someone drove into their home back in February.

That driver is now facing charges.

The Gouker`s filed a claim with their homeowners insurance, hoping to fix the damage quickly.

Rose Gouker said, "We actually thought we'd probably be close to being done by now versus where we are right now.">

"I've always made my payments on time. I've never missed a payment. Every time State Farm has jacked up our insurance rates we paid it without question and the very first time I've ever made an insurance claim in my life - they're not there for me," said Jay.

The Gouker's say an engineer come in to take a look a look at the issues around the house.

"He evaluated and everything and everything that he saw - damages wise - were initiated from the accident. Then we had the contractor come in and he made his estimate. He prepared his estimate and gave it to our insurance company, which in turn offered him like half of what he wanted," said Rose.

According to emails the Goukers sent us, the contractor believes the damage will cost about $31,000 to fix.

While their homeowners insurance company believes the repairs will cost much less, around $17,000 and that`s why no work has started.

Jay said "It's been 2 and a half months, how long do you have to wait for them to honor their customers?"

While they wait, the Gouker`s fear the house is getting worse.

"We've had things fall out from the ceiling where the cracks have been, plaster and things have fallen down, paint peeling and all that stuff. Everything is constant and all the dust that's in the house is constant from that," said Rose.

FOX43 Finds Out did reach out to state farm to see if they had any comment about the situation or could tell us how long something like this usually takes. They sent us an email reading "While I am unable to speak to the specifics of this claim due to customer privacy reasons, I can share in general terms that when a policyholder has a claim, it is evaluated and the insurer and the customer attempt come to an agreement on the cost of repairs. The complexity and collaboration involved during the claims process can sometimes take time; specifically claims involving structural damage also may take a certain amount of time to allow consultation with appropriate engineers, inspectors, etc. If a policyholder and/or contractor do not agree with our initial evaluation of the claim, then we are always open to review and consider any additional information they have to help us reevaluate any decisions."

In the meantime, the Goukers have filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Insurance Commission.

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