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‘Sanctuary Beach?’: PETA sends letter asking Slaughter Beach, Delaware to change its name


SLAUGHTER BEACH, Del. — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants a Delaware town to change its name.

But the mayor of Slaughter Beach, Delaware, and his administration seem to be bewildered by the request, according to WBOC-TV.

PETA sent a letter Tuesday to Harry Ward, mayor of the small beach community, asking him to rename the town to the “kinder, positive, and more appropriate ‘Sanctuary Beach.'”

WBOC says the letter asks Ward to make the name change before the horseshoe crab spawning season ends in mid-June. The animal rights group says Sanctuary Beach more accurately reflects the town’s status as an official horseshoe crab sanctuary.

Vice Mayor Ken Lewis told WBOC that town officials are confused by the group’s request. While the origin of Slaughter Beach’s name is debated, it is definitely not named after any kind of animal slaughter.

According to a history posted on Slaughter Beach’s official website, there are several theories about how the town was named. Early maps show a small creek named Slaughter Creek, which flowed through the marsh from the Cedar Creek south and emptied into the Delaware Bay just north of Prime Hook Beach, the website says.

Another theory is the first postmaster for this locality had the last name of Slaughter.