CENTER STAGE: A transitional musical theater rock concert through life in “Songs for a New World”

LANCASTER, Pa. - No one person follows the same plot line as another. Neither does this show. But, everyone can share a similar story in life. The journey of life takes each of us on our own path to moments that define us. In "Songs for a New World," 3-time Tony Award-winner Jason Robert Brown's production takes us through individual stories tied together through the music that will either bring you back in time, or perhaps give you perspective looking forward.

"Life is confusing. It's not what we planned. Things don't turn out the way that we expected. When we're in a moment of uncertainty, we don't know what's going to happen next. It ends on a note of hope and comfort that things are going to turn out okay," Taylor Darden, an actor in the performance said.
"Everybody has been through a season of change in their life or transition... what that feels like, what that looks like what that sounds like," Kristen Brewer, another performer said.
"Songs for a New World" runs May 4th-13th. Ticket information can be found at