Some Cumberland County voters to see slight changes in May primary

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NORTH MIDDLETON TOWNSHIP, CUMBERLAND COUNTY - Election officials in Cumberland County are asking some voters for patience as they head to the polls this primary. Voters in North Middleton Township will have a new check in process at their voting center.

These changes are because of the recent congressional redistricting. People from North Middleton Township who vote at North Middleton Township Fire Companies #1 and #2 will be the ones who see a slight change in the way they check in at their polling locations.

“This is the first time that this has happened in Cumberland County," said Rachel Bryson, communications director for Cumberland County. "We now have a precinct actually split between congressional districts."

Some voters may have questions about how this will effect the upcoming May 25th primary. County officials say not a whole lot will change for voters. It will actually just add more work to poll workers making sure voters are in the correct line.

“When they arrive, we’re going to ask them for their name and based on what District they’re in, we’ll put them in the correct line," said Bryson. "After that point they’re gonna vote as normal. Go up, sign the book vote for their selected candidates and then go about their day.”

County officials are asking people to bring patience, as checking in voters and making sure they're in the right lines may take more time than usual. If you're wondering if this is how future elections will be held in the township? Well, it depends on how this system works for the primary.

"We’re going to test this to see how it works," said Bryson. "And if it works, we will continue doing that for North Middleton, as long as the precinct are split we’ll continue this process.”

Anyone with questions regarding these changes should contact the Cumberland County Bureau of Elections at (717) 240-6385.

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