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York cracks down on dirt bike danger

It was earlier this week when a 19 year-old man was killed while riding his dirt bike on the streets in Harrisburg.

And while his death is a tragedy, the issue of riding on city streets is not unique to Harrisburg.

Many people we spoke with in York agree.

“On public streets? I think that’s a terrible idea,” said one pedestrian.

“It people’s people in jeopardy. It’s hazardous for the person riding irresponsibly and for everybody on the road,” said another.

The warm weather may be tempting dirt bike riders to get outside and rev up their engines…

Not so fast.

Riding in certain areas is against the law.

“You can’t put any motorized vehicle on the road without it being licensed by PENNDot,” said York City Mayor Michael Helfrich.

Mayor Helfrich says this is a dangerous issue on the streets each year once the weather warms up.

“Not only is it an inconvenience and a problem for people, but it scares people too. Those bikes come up on them and it shakes everything up.”

And some members of the public agree.

“You’re not necessarily expecting to see a kid on a dirt bike come up beside you when you’re changing lanes in tight city quarters, said Stephen Hennel of York.

“Traffic has to watch the other motorists and pedestrians and then to watch people who are maybe trying to show off a little bit on bikes sounds even more dangerous,” said Tony Schweitzer of Red Lion.

Now, the York City Police Department is cracking down.

They are asking the public’s help in taking photos and marking locations when they see people riding illegally, and sending that information to

“We’re not just people that don’t want to have fun. This is a dangerous situation. So people have just got to stop doing this and let’s find a place where it’s safe for them,” said Mayor Helfrich.

Mayor Helfrich says the city has been in talks with Honda and other companies to find a safe-off road site-where people can enjoy the sport safely.

He encourages people to also use the tip line to offer suggestions for positive activity involving dirt bikes.