Tow truck driver safety promoted in “Hookin’ Up and Hangin’ Out” Event

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RAPHO TOWNSHIP, Lancaster County, Pa. -- Keeping first responders on the road alive.  That's the message the Pennsylvania Towing Association was pushing Saturday at their "Hookin' up and Hangin' out" event in Lancaster County.

Dozens turned out at the Lancaster County Public Training on Champ Boulevard in Rapho Township.  The event include several demonstrations about safe towing practices not only for tow truck operators, but also for the public. Turnpike Incident Management Coordinator for the PA Turnpike Commission, Todd Leiss said they have a simple message for motorists.

"Just drive. Don't be a "D" driver. Don't drive drunk, drugged, drowsy, or distracted, or just plain dumb. We all see those drivers doing stuff out there they shouldn't be doing. We just need you to pay attention and stop killing our responders."

Officials say drivers just need to remember to slow down and move over whenever they see flashing lights- especially for first responders. Tow truck drivers fall under that category when they are working on any street or highway.

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