26 cats rescued by Pet Pantry of Lancaster County will be up for adoption soon

LANCASTER — Pet Pantry of Lancaster County is seeking help from the public to re-stock its supplies and other resources after rescuing a total of 26 cats from a Lancaster home last week.

The cats are doing well as they are prepared for adoption, Pet Pantry said in a press release.

The cats were taken from a Lancaster home, according to Pet Pantry. The owner had fallen too ill to care for the cats any longer, Pet Pantry says.

Rescuers took in 21 cats from the home last Thursday, and collected five more a day later. All of the cats received a thorough physical examination by Pet Pantry veterinarian Dr. Brenda Fijalkowski, had their vaccines updated, and were wormed and treated for fleas and ticks, in addition to any other medical care they may have needed, Pet Pantry says.

The cats range in age from a 2-week-old kitten to around 15 years old. Almost all of them were spayed or neutered and were found to be in good health overall.

“This was not a case of cruelty or severe neglect of these cats,” said Pet Pantry medical director and co-founder Dr. Bryan Langlois in the press release. “It was a case of someone who cared deeply for all of these cats and sadly because of health reasons could no longer care for them properly.

“We are glad they contacted us at the Pet Pantry for assistance, so we could provide what was best for these cats going forward. All are in generally good health and they will placed up for adoption in the coming weeks as we make sure they do not develop any infections and tend to whatever medical needs they have.”

As a result of the rescues, the Pantry’s resources have been stretched thin as it works to accommodate the new additions. According to Pet Pantry, it takes about $150 per cat to provide proper care, testing, vaccinations, and medication. Donations to help offset these costs are always welcome, Pet Pantry says.

To contribute directly to the care of the cats, go here, or stop by in-person to drop off donations at the Pantry, which is located at 26 Millersville Road (Route 741) in Lancaster.