26 cats surrendered to Lancaster County rescue

MANOR TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY - An animal rescue in Lancaster County is dealing with an influx of cats after more than two dozen were surrendered last week. The rescue is working to get these cats healthy and adoptable but it's become somewhat of a financial burden.

Twenty-six cats from about two-weeks to 15-years-old were surrendered to Pet Pantry in Manor Township, Lancaster County. Their owner surrendered them when she became too sick to care for them. While none of the cats have a serious disease or illness, all of them are in need of medical care.

“Eighteen of them will need dental care, all of them had terrible ear mites and will need their ears flushed which I think is best for them to be done under sedation," said Dr. Brenda Fijalkowski, Pet Pantry vet. "Because they’re so thick with debris it would be very uncomfortable for them to have it done awake.”

Some cats have already been moved to the adoption floor. Dr. Fijalkowski believes all the necessary work on the rest of the cats won't take too long and they'll be ready to be adopted in about two weeks.

“The longer a cat sits in a facility, a shelter facility, the more likely they are to become sick," said Dr. Fijalkowski. "Because they’re sick and cage life is not very fun for them so we try to move them as quickly as we can.”

The intake of all these cats has put a slight financial burden on the rescue. With costs averaging about $150 per cat, Pet Pantry could spend an upwards of $4,000 getting the cats healthy and ready to be adopted. Pet Pantry is asking for support through donations or adoptions to help these cats.

“They deserve to have that window sill to sit on," said Pet Pantry CEO, Melody Sanders. "They deserve to have that warm couch to lay down with somebody and cuddle with.”

Kittens will cost about $150 dollars to adopt. The older the cat, the cheaper they will be. For more information on adoption or ways to donate click here.