Red Lion man charged with involuntary manslaughter in accidental shooting death of woman last year

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RED LION, York County — State Police have charged a 22-year-old Red Lion man with involuntary manslaughter, recklessly endangering another person and criminal conspiracy in connection to the accidental shooting death of a 55-year-old Red Lion woman last year.

Nancy Folcomer was riding in the passenger seat of a car traveling east on Myers Church Road on June 25, 2017, when she was struck by a bullet that shattered the passenger window. The bullet entered her right arm, passed through her torso, and exited her left arm, an autopsy determined.

Police say the bullet came from a gun fired by Jeremy Michael Robbins, of the 2700 block of Schell Lane. According to police, Robbins and a friend, Todd Kraft, were target shooting at Robbins’ residence at the time when Folcomer was struck by the bullet.

According to a criminal complaint, Robbins and Kraft arrived at the scene after a neighbor alerted them that someone had been shot. They followed the neighbor to the scene, where they were briefly interviewed by police. Robbins told police that his residence was on a hill overlooking the scene, according to the criminal complaint. He allegedly told police that if it was his gun that had shot and killed the victim, then he and Kraft were responsible, the criminal complaint says.

Robbins took police to his residence to show them his actions prior to the shooting, police say. He told police that he and Kraft had been hanging out, drinking a few beers, and target shooting, the criminal complaint says. He told police they were shooting at trash in their back yard, including a hot tub that they were intending to burn later that day.

Police observed a black Taurus Millennium 9mm handgun and several boxes of ammunition on a white plastic table, with several beer cans on and around the table and spent shell casings on the ground, according to the criminal complaint.

Robbins said the handgun had just one 12-round magazine, and that he and Kraft took turns shooting until the magazine was empty, the criminal complaint says. Robbins estimated he and Kraft had shot one or two magazines apiece, police say.

According to police, Robbins and Kraft had stacked several beer cans and bottles on the ledge of the hot tub and were shooting at the bottles and the hot tub. Police observed 12 bullet holes in the hot tub. There was no backstop behind the hot tub to stop any bullets, according to the criminal complaint.

Kraft told police they had placed a handle about a foot above the hot tub as another target, and both he and Robbins had fired several rounds at it, the criminal complaint says. They stopped when the neighbor came and informed them someone on the road below had been shot, according to the criminal complaint.

Police at the scene observed broken glass from the passenger window in Folcomer’s vehicle. There were also several marks on the road that indicated bullets and ricocheted off the roadway, according to the criminal complaint.

The spent bullet that passed through Folcomer was found on the front driver’s seat of the vehicle, a Jeep Comanche, according to police. Forensic analysis indicated the bullet had come from Robbins’ Taurus Millennium 9mm handgun, the criminal complaint says.

An autopsy determined that Folcomer died of a single gunshot wound. The bullet damaged her right lung, heart, and left lung, according to the criminal complaint. The autopsy determined that the bullet’s trajectory was front to back, right to left, and slightly downward, the criminal complaint says.


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