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Second suspect charged in April shooting death of Aaron Wollman

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Kevin Galvin

YORK — Police have charged a second man in the shooting death of a Lancaster County man on a rural York County road last month.

Kevin Michael Galvin, 56, currently an inmate at Lancaster County Prison, was charged Friday for his role in the death of Aaron Wollman, 25, on Monday, April 16.

Police found Wollman’s body lying on Bare Road near Furnace Road in Lower Chanceford Township. The Denver, Lancaster County resident had been shot seven times, an autopsy determined.

An investigation led to the arrest of Lleland Wade, 32, one day later at a hotel in East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, police say. Wade was a known associate of Wollman’s, according to police.

Further investigation led police to Galvin, whom they say was an accomplice in the case.

Galvin and Wade allegedly lured Wollman to Lower Chanceford Township will the false promise of heroin and shot him because they believed he had sexually assaulted several women they knew, according to charging documents filed against Galvin.

An acquaintance of Galvin and Wade told police that the three of them were in a room at a Lancaster County hotel when Galvin asked if she had been sexually assaulted by Wollman, according to the criminal complaint. When the witness answered in the affirmative, Galvin allegedly became angry, showed the witness a handgun he had tucked in his waistband, and made vague expressions of ill will toward Wollman, police say.

The witness said Wade and Galvin then left the room, both dressed in black. The way Wade said goodbye indicated something serious was about to happen, the witness told police.

When Wade was arrested, police say, a handgun was discovered hidden in his hotel room. He initially told police he had used the gun to kill Wollman, a heroin addict, by tricking him into driving to York County with the false promise of a drug deal.

Later, Wade requested a second interview with police, and changed his story. He then told police that he and Galvin had discussed killing Wollman because they believed Wollman had sexually assaulted several women they knew, according to charging documents.

According to charging documents,¬†Wade said that on April 15, he and Galvin picked up Wollman in Columbia and drove to Wrightsville, where Wade exited the vehicle and stole a gun from a friend. While he was inside the friend’s home, he received several texts from an impatient Wollman about the proposed drug sale, charging documents say.

The texts corresponded with those found on Wollman’s phone at the crime scene, according to police.

After Wade got the gun, the three men drove to the intersection of Bare and Furnace Roads, then exited the vehicle, according to charging documents.

Galvin then allegedly drew the gun and shot Wollman twice, Wade allegedly told police. He then stood over the victim and continued to fire until the gun was empty.

After stopping to buy gas at a convenience store, Galvin and Wade returned to the house in Wrightsville, where they showered and disposed of the clothes they had been wearing, police say.

Galvin is charged with criminal homicide and criminal conspiracy to commit homicide, according to charging documents.

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