FOX News: President Trump plans to pull out of Iran nuclear deal

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump plans to announce that the United States is withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, according to a Fox News report.

Trump had already been scheduled to make an announcement at 2 p.m.

According to Fox news, Vice President Michael Pence has told congressional leaders that Trump is pulling out of the deal. A source said that Trump has made the decision to withdraw – and his announcement Tuesday afternoon will start a 90-day countdown to the restoration of sanctions.

Once sanctions are re-imposed, the U.S. effectively would be out of the deal.

It’s not clear which sanctions lifted under the deal Trump plans to immediately re-impose. He has several options. A more limited move could leave Trump more room to potentially stay in the deal if other members agree to toughen it.

If he follows through on a sweeping imposition of sanctions, the move threatens to topple the Iran nuclear agreement as a whole – and with it, his predecessor’s signature foreign policy achievement.

The president began briefing foreign and congressional leaders on his decision ahead of his 2 p.m. announcement.