Gripping new sport getting a start in York County

Spring training is here...

Chad Eckert, owner of Myofit gym in Manchester Township, York County, has six months to get his team ready for the national championship in Orlando, Florida.

They may be a relatively new team, but that's because it's a relatively new sport.

But they're expected to be a total knock out.

"I like it because it's just the concept of gripping up with somebody and pulling them down," said Calen Eckert, a member of the York Armfighters.

This now six week old team is tightening the grip on an old classic.

"Every day in middle schools and high schools across the country there's tons of kids arm wrestling at the lunch table," said Chad Eckert, who is also the coach of the York Armfighters.

They call themselves the York Armfighters- one of the first youth arm wrestling teams in the country.

"It's actually pretty common in other countries, European countries, that's really a big kids sport. But not in America," said Coach Eckert.

Until now... Coach Eckert is an arm wrestler himself, and noticed when he would go to competitions, the kids would have just as much fun wrestling each other, as the adults did for the competition.

That's when he got the idea.

"That's the goal, to try to build awareness and get a large group of kids involved in the sport and keep it growing from there," said Coach Eckert.

A concept his ten year-old son, who has been competitively arm wrestling for two years now, is already on board with.

"It's really cool to arm wrestle with other kids my age, and teach younger kids how to arm wrestle," said Calen.

Any kid, aged 8 to 18 is welcome to join the free team.

For information on how to join, contact Chad at