Preliminary report shows mother of Madelyn Binkley had marijuana in her system

LOWER SWATARA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - Crews continue to search for missing Madelyn Binkley. The three-year-old girl was on a boat with her parents Monday night when it capsized near the dock Street Dam.

The autopsy on Mary Bredbenner, Madelyn's mom, shows she died from drowning. The Dauphin County District Attorney's office says they are looking into if Madelyn's parents were under the influence after marijuana was found in connection to the investigation.

Preliminary tests show marijuana was in Bredbenner's systems, according to the Dauphin County D.A's office. Additional marijuana was also found in relation to the capsized boat investigation. Right now, the D.A's office says it's too early to decide if charges will be filed in this investigation.

“We’re still only so many hours beyond when this incident occurred," said Sean McCormack, Dauphin County chief deputy district attorney. "So which direction where gonna go? Right now the focus really has to be on trying to find this little girl."

Toxicology reports on Bredbenner and Madelyn's dad Cody Binkley have been sent off to a lab for testing. Results could take a few weeks to come back.