Preparing for the Pennsylvania primary

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YORK, Pa. -- Primary day is Tuesday, May 15th, and York County election officials expect voter turnout to be slightly larger than usual.

There are a few do’s and dont’s for voters to keep in mind as they show up to cast their ballots on Tuesday.

Voters who encounter a problem, should ask for help.

York County Elections director Nikki Suchanic said "each polling place has an elected official called the judge of elections, and that’s the official that’s in charge of the polling place on Election Day."

Some may wonder if voters need to have ID to vote.

York County Elections director Nikki Suchanic said "ID is only required if you are a first time voter, or if you’re new into that voting precinct and it’s your first time voting there. Then, you would be required to show a photo ID or there are acceptable non-photo IDs as well."

If it’s not your first time voting at the precinct, and your name still isn't on the list, ask for help.

"The Judge of Elections will call here down to our office just to kind of verify to see what happened. Did you move from another county? So that we can just kind of track down why you’re not showing up in the poll book," Suchanic said.

Most voters are proud to exercise their rights, but do voters have the right to take a selfie at the polls and share it online with your friends?

"There’s nothing against taking a selfie in the poking place but we do ask that you make sure that you’re not capturing somebody else’s vote, or even sharing how you vote because it is a secret ballot," Suchanic said.

It’s no secret this is a key primary for voters and candidates, so do expect the polls to be a little busier than usual.

"I think there’s going to be a lot of interest in the governor’s race and our new congressional districts, so I think the voters will turn out to voice their vote," Suchanic said.

Precincts will be open on Tuesday from 7 am until 8 pm, but anyone who's not sure where to go to vote can find out here.

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