York City Police officer who died following SWAT training is remembered

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YORK, Pa. -- The City of York is left in mourning after another tragic event strikes taking the life of a York City Police officer.

“It’s unfortunately another sad day in my brief administration here," said York City Mayor Michael Helfrich. “We are all mourning for the loss of officer Sable," he added.

37-year-old Alex Sable was in Baltimore on Sunday for tactical swat training when he went into cardiac arrest in a pool during a water rescue exercise.

Emergency crews on site pulled him out of the water and transported him to a Baltimore-area hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

“Some of us have known that this was not going very well in the last couple of days," added Helfrich.

On Wednesday night Sable died.

He was only 37-years-old and leaves behind a wife and 3 young children.

York City Mayor, Michael Helfrich says it’s a bad time for the city after recently losing two firefighters in March, following the Old Weaver Organ and Piano Building collapse.

“I hate that it’s these tragic events that makes us realize the gifts that we have in our community and the people that are willing to sacrifice their own lives for our safety," said Helfrich.

While there are still many questions left unanswered one thing is for sure. s

Sable will be remembered as someone always willing to put others before himself.

“He had absolute dedication to the department and to the city of York and that’s why he was enhancing his skills, so he could serve us better," said Helfrich.

On Thursday afternoon, a Police Unity Tour, which is done every year to remember police officers who died in the line of duty, stopped in front of York City Police Department for a moment of silence in honor of Alex Stable.

"It's a sad coincidence that the unity ride was coming through today on a day we lost an officer but it was a beautiful thing for folks to see that support and comradery, so we are very grateful that they came and stopped by to join us for a minute or two," added Helfrich.

"This had to be done and it was something we wanted to make sure that we show the support for the folks here at the police department as well as the folks in the city that we are here for all of them," said Cory Reader, Division President for PA division of Law Enforcement United.

More information on the incident is expected to be released in the coming days.

A memorial service has not yet been set.

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