Firefighter in Lebanon is injured after someone drives their car over a fire hose

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LEBANON, Pa. -- Another firefighter injured — by a driver.

For the second time in recent months a person drove their vehicle over a fire hose — all while firefighters were working to put out a fire in Lebanon.

The hose, which was laying on Lehman road, got caught between a white van and a firefighter  — who was knocked over.

“It’s a serious incident because the firefighters are out there working trying to stop this fire," said Captain David Ginrich, Lebanon City Police Department.

Captain David Ginrich with the Lebanon City Police Department says driving over a fire hose is illegal in the state of Pennsylvania.

“It’s a violation of the vehicle code," added Captain Ginrich.

Depending on the case, you could face a wide range of charges including reckless endangerment.

“There’s a lot of things going on and for someone to just drive over a fire hose like that becomes very dangerous, not only for the firefighters, but for everyone in the area," added Captain Ginrich.

Back in January, a 21-year-old woman was charged for driving over a fire hose in Palmyra — tripping two firefighters seen in a surveillance video.

One of those firefighters was treated for head trauma, while the other was treated for minor shoulder injuries.

“It’s ridiculous to think that he was hurt, no matter how minor," said Duane Trautman, Lebanon City Fire Commissioner. “What happened yesterday was no excuse for, someone still got hurt and I know a fellow got hurt in Palmyra, it’s just stupid,"

So if there happens to be a fire on your street and you have somewhere to go, it’s as simple as finding a firefighter or police officer to give you the 'OK'.

“Say hey, I need to move my vehicle, when is it safe to do so, and only then are they permitted when they get permission to drive over that fire hose," added Captain Ginrich. “We have to keep everyone safe when a disaster like this is occurring.”

As for that person in the white van who injured that firefighter this week?

“I sincerely hope I find out who you are, our antennas are up," said Trautman.

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