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Thunderstorms throughout the evening, staying wet for Mother’s Day with more rain chances to come

A rainy Mother’s Day with off-and-on light showers and cooler temperatures.

MOTHER’S DAY: Mother’s Day is much cooler with not a lot of sunshine. Temperatures start in the mid-50s with a few showers for the morning. Off-and-on light rain chances continue with highs staying in the 60s. Winds are light, but you’ll need to keep the umbrella all day long.

MORE RAIN CHANCES: Temperatures surge back to the mid-70s for Monday and the 80s again for Tuesday and Wednesday. Most of Monday is dry, but we could see a few showers or rumbles of thunder in the afternoon. Higher thunderstorm chances come Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. Lower chances stay with us each day to finish the work week.

Stay tuned throughout the evening with severe thunderstorms likely. We’ll provide the latest updates to keep you Weather Smart!

-Meteorologist Bradon Long