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Roadside America employees lauch kickstarter campaign to buy miniature village

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UPPER BERN TOWNSHIP, BERKS COUNTY, Pa. - More than 80 years in business, a well-known exhibit is up for sale in Berks County. Employees are Roadside America are now trying to figure out a way to buy it.

Visits to Roadside America are somewhat of traditions for some families.

“You do see grandparents bringing their grandchildren and their parents are bringing their kids it’s a very generational thing," said Richard Peiffer, Roadside America employee looking to buy the business

Roadside America has been a staple in the Berks County community for more than eight decades. In April, the current owners announced their plans to sell their business.

“I think this is such an iconic piece of artwork," said Jeff Marks, a Roadside America employee looking to buy the business. "I’d hate to see it be broken up or fall to the wayside.”

Wanting to see the business in good hands, three current employees at Roadside America are now crowdfunding $750,000 with hopes of buying the business.

“We know the ins and outs and all the things it will take to keep it going," said Peiffer. "Especially the maintenance and also the integrity of the exhibit.”

If the men are able to purchase the exhibit, they plan to move it closer to Reading, the city that inspired the miniature village.

“The creator of the village was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania," said Jon Jordan, a Roadside America employee looking to buy the business. "And the actual inspiration for the village came from him looking over the city of Reading from atop Mount Penn and what looked like miniature buildings off in the distance.”

The kickstarter campaign will run through June 13th, at that point Peiffer, Marks and Jordan will evaluate what the next step will be in purchasing the business.

“We’re not gonna give up until either somebody else decides to step up and sign on the dotted line and buy the business," said Jordan. "Or we’re going to keep going until we find a way.”

To view with kickstarter page, click here.

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