Olivia’s cooks up Alaskan Halibut served w a crispy Maryland soft shell crab

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YORK TOWNSHIP, PA — Harry and Adrienne Tassou from Olivia’s Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine in Gettysburg stopped by the Fox43 Kitchen on Tuesday.

For more information: https://www.oliviasgettysburg.com/

Fire grilled Alaskan Halibut served w a crispy Maryland soft shell crab and a Mango roasted corn & Smokey chipotle guacamole all over saffron rice

Smokey chipotle guacamole:
2 ripe large sized Hass Avacados
2 limes - freshly squeezed
1 tbsp red onion - finely chopped
1 tbsp green spring onions - finely chopped
1 tbsp chipotle peppers- finely diced
1 tbsp fresh garlic - finely diced
Pinch of black pepper
3 tbsp cilantro - chopped
1 shot (2oz) Mezcal
Cut the avacados in half (roll the blade around the pit).  Set the pit aside.  Using a spoon, remove meat from skin.  Discard skin.  Put all ingredients in bowl and mix. Add the pit to the guacamole (a trick for preventing it from turning brown to fast).  Enjoy!!

In anticipation of the royal wedding this weekend, we are pulling our inspiration from across the pond!!

Pimm’s cup- traditionally served at English Polo matches
Pimm’s liqueur
Ginger ale
Fresh assortment of:
Fill glass w ice. Add pimm’s liqueur, lemonade, & the fresh fruit.  Shake. Top off w ginger ale.  Enjoy!

Petal fizz - this cocktail contains elderflower liqueur which is traditionally in English wedding cocktails...
Penn’s square lavender liquor
Elderflower liquor
Moscato bubbly white wine
Fresh mint
Fresh edible flowers
Fresh squeezed lemon

Fill glass w ice.  Add lavender liquor, elderflower liquor, & fresh squeezed lemon.  Shake.  Top off bubbly moscato.  Add a few floral mint infused ice cubes.  Enjoy!

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