Two Cumberland County antique shops targeted by a string of thefts

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CARLISLE, Pa. --Two antique shops in Cumberland County are left shorthanded after someone stole thousands of dollars worth of antique jewelry.

'NorthGate Antiques` in North Middleton Township and `Bedford Street Antique Shop' in Carlisle were both burglarized earlier this month on Sunday, May 6th.

“I asked him if he needed any help and he was standing in the middle of the first isle and he just kind of looked me up and down, so I just kind of stood there and looked at him up and down to see what he looked like because I had a bad feeling about him," said Mary Roell, owner of Bedford Street Antique Shop.

It wasn’t until one of her vendors came in after the men left that she noticed how much jewelry was missing from a case.

"He said my jewelry is missing and when he said that, I said I know who did it," added Roell.

That was the moment she realized it wasn’t just one case that was broken into, but multiple throughout the store.

“I came down here and looked at the jewelry cases and noticed that there was a spot empty," said Roell.

Pocket watches, rings and other expensive antique jewelry worth thousands of dollars — gone.

So she went back to look at surveillance video.

"We could see what they were doing, they picked the locks and they took the locks with them," said Roell.

One of the men seen in a surveillance video stands taking cover, while the other discreetly takes jewelry out, later putting all the items into his jacket.

“We just didn’t realize what was going on because we were so busy," said Roell.

And that’s exactly what police believe these thieves were looking for — a busy business — with old valuable items.

“It can happen anywhere, a lot of thieves are opportunists so they see an opportunity and they take it," said Christopher Miller, Carlisle Police Department. “It’s a serious crime, a serious offense and it’s possible that they’ve committed other offenses as well," added Miller.

“You feel so violated it’s kind of like somebody just comes into your house, taking stuff from you, and I feel bad for my vendors too, you know people don’t realize how much work it takes to set up a place like this," added Roell.

Carlisle Police Department and North Middleton Township Police Department are working together alongside federal authorities to crack the case.

They believe the two incidents that happened in Cumberland County may be connected to other thefts in about 5 other states.

Anyone with information regarding the case is asked to contact Carlisle Police Department at (717) 243-4121.

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