Baseball players from Central Pennsylvania invited to the White House

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA, Pa. -- Two baseball leagues from our area received quite the surprise this week from Washington D.C.

Players from both leagues invited by the White House to meet President Donald Trump as part a new sports initiative by Mr. Trump.

The invite was such a shock to both leagues; initially, officials thought it was a scam!

"As soon as we get this email, we think it’s a scam," explained Kevin Kerlin, Vice President of Red Land Little League. "[It's] a once in a lifetime opportunity."

"[It's] sort of a surreal situation because, you know, not that many organizations get invited to the White House," said Tony Fowler, director for the Camp Hill Challenger Baseball League.

Some of the Central Pennsylvania baseball players invited say they are feeling pretty lucky.

“Blessed and thankful," said Aiden French, a Red Land Little League player.

"Happy I get to go see the White House," said Maverick Browand, a Red Land Little League player.

“Excited because I never got to meet a president before," said Jade Hawkins-Williams.

15 players and 4 chaperones from both Red Land Little League and Camp Hill Challenger Baseball League invited to meet President Trump at the White House.

“I was very surprised, very humbled, very honored," said David McCahan, coordinator and coach, Red Land Little League.

Fowler says it’s an opportunity for his players to be noticed and to learn, players facing special emotional and physical challenges.

"It’s a learning experience, the ability to get in a nice bus and drive down to Washington. We’re going to have lunch in Washington," he explained.

It feels like a home run for many of the youngsters selected to go from each league.

"Seeing how big the White House is and meeting him [President Trump]," said Chandler Schmoyer, when asked what he's anticipating.

Some players already planning what they’ll do when they see Mr. Trump for the first time.

“I would say that I honored to meet you," said Grason Haugen, a Red Land Little League player.

“I’d hug him!" said Ethan Whitaker, a challenger.

The players leave for the White House on May 30th. The event is scheduled for 2 p.m.

Representatives tell FOX43 they haven’t been told much by White House officials, just that they’re invited to help promote the new initiative involving sports, fitness, and nutrition.

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