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Adams County SPCA investigates complaints of animal conditions at Land of Little Horses, finds no wrongdoing

screenshot of SPCA Facebook post

ADAMS COUNTY, Pa.– After a Facebook post claiming that animal abuse/neglect was taking place at the Land of Little Horses in Gettysburg went viral, the Adams County SPCA investigated and found no wrongdoing or animal cruelty.

According to a press release, on April 27, the Adams County SPCA responded to a complaint pertaining to the condition of a few animals located at the property.

During the visit, members of the Adams County SPCA say that were allowed to carefully evaluate the animals and their living conditions, and that their habitats contained clean pens and potable water.

A few days after that initial inspection, the SPCA received an anonymous secondary complaint that included photos of “Jingles”, which was a horse that was not seen during the initial inspections.

After a full examination of Jingles, a list of veterinary recommendations, and a third inspection by the SPCA, they say that a significant improvement was made for the horse.

The SPCA says they felt the need to notify the public that aside from having an unusually wet spring that has created very muddy pastures and paddocks, it is during this time of year animals shed out their coat differently, and it’s not uncommon for them to look unkempt.

The SPCA released the following on their Facebook page: