‘Ask Evan’: “Why does PennDOT repair potholes during rush hour?

This week's 'Ask Evan' question deals with pothole repair work.  Ernie F asks, "I am glad that PennDOT is repairing the terrible potholes on I-83 south in southern York County.  However, why have they been doing these repairs from Queen Street to Loganville at rush hour?  Why can't these repairs be done either after the morning rush hour or later in the evening?"

I reached out to PennDOT for an answer.  I'm told that in a nutshell there really isn't a great time to do the repair work and reduce the highway to a single lane -- but crews do their best to avoid rush hour road work.

PennDOT says it takes time just to do the set-up to get ready to do pothole repair, and highway folks know the potholes need to be addressed.  The PennDOT spokeswoman says that on that section of Interstate 83 there is such a high volume of traffic all day long that there really is no good time to get out there and get the work done.  So, crews are we are taking advantage of good weather and all the time they can right now to fill the holes.

As for why the repair work can't be done at night?  That has to do with overtime costs, and that type of work is more dangerous for the crews and motorists too since it is a moving operation and not a fixed work zone with lighting.

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