Families forced to find a new home following apartment roof collapse

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GLEN ROCK, YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Moving can often be stressful when it’s planned, but when its unexpected, it can take on people’s emotions as well as finances.

More than a dozen York County families find themselves in that position after a roof collapse at a Glen Rock apartment building on Friday.

Since the roof collapse, a few families have spent time at a local shelter while they look for a new place to live, as well as answers from property management officials.

Time is running out for several families whose apartments were either damaged or destroyed following the roof collapse.

Resident Shelly Brown said “we’re a little worried about Friday, not knowing where to go. There are apartments around but we’re kind of...both kids are autistic, Chris has cancer, I have lupus, so we’re dealing with a lot of special circumstances.”

Brown said she’s also dealing with her apartment’s managers, Southern Management.

“When I spoke to one of the girls from Southern on the phone this morning, she said ‘we know how you feel, we lost as much as you did.’ I was just like...I thought my head was going to explode,” Brown said.

“We haven’t got our pet deposits back. We haven’t gotten our full security deposit. We haven’t received what we feel is fair,” Brown added.

A local shelter named ‘The Well’ offers a week of temporary housing until Friday. The Red Cross and other organizations are combining efforts to help displaced families inside Glen Rock Ambulance across the street.

South Central York County EMA emergemcy manager coordinator Stanton Walters said “we are trying to provide as much financial assistance in terms of security deposit and first months rent for these individuals.”

With more than a dozen families looking for a new place to live in the area, the search could get competitive.

“There are businesses who have already come forward and said ‘as soon as you know, let us know, we’ll bring a truck. We’ll help get your things out. The key now is going to be, where is that going to go because they need a new place to put everything,” Walters said.

“We’re certainly looking for three-bedroom pet friendly place in the Dallastown/Jacobys, any area. We need in, like immediately,” Brown said.

People aren’t the only ones seeking shelter.

“So many amazing people have brought pet food over for the cats, the spca is going to foster them for a month until we’re ready to come pick them back up,” Brown said.

Meanwhile, the well is not only providing shelter, but collecting donations. It’s just one of several community organizations to help the families affected get back on their feet.

“It is really heartwarming, Mark, to see the community come together. I could list all the organizations that have helped, and probably forget some, but we just can’t thank the community enough,” Walters said.

“We have had a lot of help, but we’re scared,” Brown said.

Walters said property managers are making an attempt to help relocate its residents.

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